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If you've ever worked on a project and tend to lose interest around the menu design, then this template may be the answer! The template is intended to be everything regarding menu work and its related features, ready to just unpack and go. This project will always be free (as literally anyone could do what I did, it just takes time) but if you really feel like donating money, then you can.

Due to the nature of the project, however, it's recommended that you add this before you get too far into your projects, as this template can handle debug elements, screenshots and .gif captures, resolution changes, and of course menu work.

The current version still lacks decent keyboard/gamepad support, adds allot of core menu mechanics.

Another unfortunate part to updates is that Gamemaker Studio (as far as I know) doesn't know what's new, old, or updated from new builds. (This being a work in progress makes updating this template a problem to existing projects, but not impossible.) I will leave a Readme file in the project that states what's been updated and from what version so you know what's changed.

From V 0.1.0, expect more menu elements and changes to the master control object in future builds. 

V 0.2.0 changed the OBJ_MasterControl object and added a parent slider object. If the master controller was modified, the modification will be overridden when updating to this (or future) versions!

Install instructions

This project is built and intended for Gamemaker Studio 2.3. (However, with some work, it should be possible to import to previous versions and reverse engineer the features.) Would probably be making the menu template all over again, however.

    • Download this package.
    • Go into Gamemaker Studio and enter a project.
      1. (New or old)
    • At the top, go to tools -> import local package.
    • You should get a new folder for your assets. Hopefully, all under "MENU Template."
    • (If you notice a sort of tear in menu elements, Gamemaker Studio defaults to cropping sprites. For some reason, this interferes with the sprite being used, if the sprite being used doesn't take up the full image.) -- If this is happening to you, you can put a single pixel in the corners, or go to the same tools -> texture group to disable auto cropping.


    Menu Template 0.2.0.yymps 1 MB

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